Intensive care department for patients on mechanical ventilation

Intensive care department for patients on mechanical ventilation

Family is an essential part of rehabilitation process in ReuthReuth's unique long-term respiratory unit is the first and largest of its kind in Israel. Basic principles of care for respiratory patients were developed by members of Reuth’s respiratory department. The status of patients here is monitored by sophisticated modern equipment and electronic control systems. A multidisciplinary team of professionals seeks to restore breathing ability of patients, to enable them to breathe on their own and thereby to eliminate their dependence on mechanical respiratory systems.

The respiratory department's patients cannot breathe on their own, and require constant ventilation for different reasons including chronic lung disease, heart disease, muscular dystrophy, central nervous system diseases, serious weight excess or deficiency, accidents, injuries, and so on.

The department uses internationally accepted methods of ventilation and respiratory rehabilitation such as: Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure (BPAP) – an advanced respiratory system based on two different levels of pressure for inhalation and exhalation, which works in two different modes: spontaneous mode – to respond to the patient's breathing, and an automatic mode for patients who cannot breathe on their own for various reasons.

Respiratory department in Reuth

Respiratory rehabilitation is multidisciplinary process involving:

  • exercises to strengthen the respiratory muscles
  • general and specific respiratory physiotherapy
  • adapted physical activity
  • adapted diet
  • occupational therapy
  • psychological support
  • gradual withdrawal from the respiratory system

Withdrawal from the respiratory system (depending on the patient's health status): For such patients a personal rehabilitation program is developed. This process is conducted under the strict guidance of experts in respiratory medicine and related fields; it is a long process, which requires a lot of patience.

The department is composed of a multidisciplinary team of physicians of various specialties and nurses with years of experience in nursing care of patients on respiratory systems and undergoing respiratory rehabilitation. Along with the physicians and nurses there are specialists in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, communication and swallowing problems (speech therapy) and eating disorders (dietitians) who work with these patients.