Pediatric department for children suffering from severe diseases and injuries

Department for children suffering from severe diseases and injuries

The health condition of these children does not allow them to receive proper care at home, therefore most of them stay for a long time in the hospital.  Here they receive professional medical care and participate in individually-planned rehabilitation programs.

Pediatric rehabilitation in ReuthThe department accepts infants and children with a number of illnesses and injuries such as: genetic, neurological and chronic diseases (Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, various types of congenital syndromes), congenital malformations, traumatic brain injuries, anoxic brain injuries (brain damage after oxygen starvation) amongst others.  Many children are in a state of partial consciousness, in poor physical condition and compromised cognitive state.

There are two sub-sections in this department, namely for children who need full time care and for children who need a respirator.

Most of the patients need special diets and medical treatments that need to be readapted over time. In addition to top-notch medical care, a wide range of rehabilitation methods, such as physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy, along with music therapy, art therapy and pet therapy are required.  This multidisciplinary treatment results in significant improvement of the quality of life of these young patients.  This department also is known for a special, one of its kind school operating in multisensory stimulation (Snoezelen) room. Specialists here work individually with each child using this method in order to help them achieve the best possible results in the sensory, communicative, mental and motoric areas. Families of children receive full support and guidance from professionals throughout the period of hospitalization.

The children that do not need constant medical care participate in the rehabilitation programs in a day-treatment setting while living with a parent in a hotel room on the Reuth campus.

Children, whose health conditions permit, take part in activities in specialized parks designed for children with special needs once a year with their parents.