Traumatic brain injury

Complex Brain Injury rehab - recovery of motor, emotional, cognitive and language functions.

TBI can result from an accidents (traffic, road accident or household injury). TBI can affect people at any age – from infants to the elderly.

It is clear that today the surgeons still cannot replace the affected brain area with a new one. However, the recovery potential of our brain is great, and in many cases a substantial recovery of lost functions can be achieved.

Types of defeats due to traumatic brain injury (TBI):

  • Subarachnoid hemorrhage
  • Violation of motor activity is expressed in problems with the operation of the musculoskeletal system, development of paralysis, mobility impairments, or tremor.
  • Communication disorders include speech problems, breach of reading and writing skills, loss of facial expressions, gestures, or other means of nonverbal communication.
  • Cognitive disorders are to have problems with memory, difficulty in logical constructions and other violations of intellectual processes.
  • Personality and behavioral problems expressed in appearance of anxiety or increased aggressiveness, the development of depression or apathy.

During rehabilitation process after traumatic brain injury a comprehensive impact on the body will be required, putting efforts into maximal possible recovery of activity and all the lost skills, including improvement of the psychological state of the patient. For this purpose, Reuth rehabilitation center applies all kinds of therapeutic procedures including high rehabilitation technologies, while the rehabilitation program is built individually for each patient.

Cognitive skills recovery

This rehab unit sets a broad range of goals, including:

  • exercises on attention and concentration;
  • short-term and long-term memory recovery;
  • Developing the ability to solve several problems at once.

Recovery of motor coordination

The complex includes training auditory spatial coordination (orientation in space) and improvement of hand-eye coordination (correction of physical activity depending on the surrounding)

Correction of the psychological and mental condition

All matters related to perception of “self”, personality and relationships with others, require a professional evaluation by a neuropsychologist, who conducts corrective treatment if necessary.

Psychological help is especially necessary for those patients whose lost functions cannot be restored to the same volume. In this case the psychotherapist helps the person to realize and accept the loss of some opportunities and focus his or her efforts on developing new skills.


Modern physiotherapy allows recovery of lost motor functions, as well as teach new skills. Physiotherapy allows:

  • to maintain or restore range of motion in the joints, prevent development of contractures;
  • train or recover walking skills, balance retention, and, if possible, more complex types of movement (running, jumping, and even dancing).

Occupational therapy

This unit helps patient to regain his self-service skills and maximum independence; as well as choose assistive devices to improve the quality of life.

An integrated approach to the rehabilitation of patients after traumatic brain injury the body to fully disclose reserves and to return the person to the most fulfilling life after the undergone catastrophy.

Success Stories

Young 16 years old teen got into a severe accident while riding a motorbike. His life was in real danger, there was almost no chances of recovery. Following the neurosurgical operation, the patient was moved to Reuth for rehabilitation. Six months later, he showed first signs of consciousness, and a year later he began to walk by himself with a walker. Although his speech is a little slow, but the guy is back to normal life, started his studies.


During his military service a soldiers was seriously wounded in his head and both hands. After several surgeries, he was transferred to Reuth, where he underwent a long rehabilitation process. Recovery has been so successful that the young man received the first, second and third university degree in Political science, works in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Young girl form Romania, had come to visit her Israeli friend, was hit by a car. Severe head injury led to such consequences as loss of cognition (motility suffered less) and increased appetite - everything was concentrated on food. Hard work of the family, psychologist and the whole rehabilitation team allowed her to balance her state, adapt to the ability to control her wills and to win the gluttony.