Training and courses

Reis is an internationally-known teaching hospital for medical students specializing in rehabilitation as well as for paramedical students from Israeli and foreign universities. Reis’s specialists take part in international congresses, workshops and seminars, thereby continuously updating their knowledge and maintaining their professional qualifications.

Reis has opened its doors for specialized rehabilitation training for health professionals from all over the world. Leading rehabilitation specialists provide theoretical training in the form of lectures and seminars as well as practical clinical training. Doctors, nurses and other rehabilitation personnel come here to take part in workshops and training in various fields related to rehabilitation and learn from Reis's experience.

The subjects of these courses include:

  • Rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injuries
  • Rehabilitation of patients with brain injuries
  • Rehabilitation of patients with burns
  • Rehabilitation of patients after amputation procedures
  • Chronic patient care
  • Care for children and adults dependent on respiratory systems
  • Care for elderly patients
  • Chronic pain treatment
  • Treatment of ulcers of various etiologies
  • Restoration of sexual activity

Groups of non-English speaking specialists are accepted as well.